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  • Early spring dress from the beginning of a pair of boots, pack you pocketed the rate

    Boots, can be described as fashion in the never-ending single product, very very wild, in addition to the winter, spring and autumn you will be in a lot of show stage to see her figure, boots with her unique charm, in the Different seasons show her beauty, so beautiful boots, there are a hundred pairs I will not be too much. Classic Martin boots modeling, classic fashion Oh, the color of the shoes is very retro, very literary range of children, small round design, very fit foot type, bring you a comfortable experience Oh, side zipper closure, very convenient, cross Strap design, very characteristic, shoelace color and shoes consistent with the color, very attention to detail. Shoes is the classic shape of Chelsea boots, looks simple and generous, elastic design allows you to wear off very convenient, round is very round and lovely yo, shoes fabric is very good, soft and comfortable, glossy is also very good, with the backing Pants are very thin legs long Oh, flat wearing a good experience. Shoes with a bright skin fabric, the surface is very smooth, glossy feeling good, stylish atmosphere; carved and crossed strap design for the shoes with two very good design sense, there is a feeling of England, handsome and capable There is a sense of romance, black color, very wild Oh

    The boots are very small and lovely, very small feet Oh, the overall feeling simple and generous, the car suture line is also neat neat, highlighting the superb technology, flat design, the foot effect is very good, walking is not tired feet Oh , Lace design, for the shoes to bring a sweet feeling. Martin boots classic shape, handsome Oh, with thick soles and the heel with the heel, it is very stable Oh, the shoes are very smooth lines, was significantly tall and thin, car suture very neat, work is very praise, zipper design , And shoes line to the same, it is smart, there are characteristics. Shoes are handsome Oh, the fabric is used in leather, very texture is very conscience Oh, toe and heel have to do the old traces of the old, darker, highlights a louboutin sale kind of retro art sense, very good Oh, plus Cross straps to join the classic elements, the whole shoes are very praise it, wild models.

    The upper is very clean, matte fabric distribution of a touch of light, there is a low-key luxury and connotation of the feeling Oh, the shoes were irregular cut, breaking the routine, smooth lines, very Smart, side zipper closed, convenient, There is a tassel, with walking dancing, it is beautiful Oh Classic boots, simple atmosphere, the toe is round, side to see a slight uplift, give your feet a lot of activity space, it is very round and lovely Oh, matte surface, beautiful and not publicity, very long legs Oh, the With the rough with the increase in height at the same time very comfortable and secure, decorated a small round hair, full of playful sense.

    2017-03-28 23:20:55
  • Read a woman from the shoes! The

    Character tracing simple, both shopping shopping to wear, but also when the rain dripping play, can be described as amphibious, rich in function. Therefore, wearing the word drag the girls for the character of free and easy type, everything pursuit of simple, convenient, afraid of trouble. They are confident, relaxed, casual, loose, their own way, less bound, they do not necessarily have a high pursuit of life, do not want to live a very poor day, the only standard of living is free and comfortable. Canvas shoes + sports shoes is the most prominent feature is comfortable. Therefore, girls who wear such shoes for the choice of things tend to focus more on their practicality, do not like the flashy things. They are generous, like social, easy to get along.

    Girls like flat shoes are usually the pursuit red bottom heels of comfort, practical, but also hope to show their feminine side, hoping to give people a sweet impression. This kind of girls mind more delicate, more considerate character, more ideas. Like casual shoes or Oxford shoes girls, mostly implicit inner burning type, the pursuit of practicality at the same time, but also the pursuit of fashion and quality. Such girls are usually more rigorous, and her friends is not easy Oh

    Like Martin boots girls, usually a little self to the center, do not trust others, would rather personally. At the same time, they are very smart, sensitive, and even a little worried about their relationship with the surrounding people. They are amazed at rude and improper behavior. Wearing 8-250px fine with high heels of girls in particular to enjoy the disdain, "at a glance" pleasure. They are usually ambitious, like watching over others, self-righteous, swagger.

    And wear high heels or high heels or 3-125px fine with high heels of girls, it belongs to both the girl heart, but also the pursuit of comfort type. They are usually cheerful, better get along.

    2017-03-28 23:10:12
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