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  • Girls must have a pair of good shoes to go very far away

    Do not remember where to see, anyway, there is only one reason: see people not only look at the value, but also look at your attitude to the choice of shoes. If not a pair of good shoes, can not get away the road will feel hard. What do you need for a pair of good shoes?It is necessary to be comfortable and light to keep up with the trend of fashion, not only to highlight the individual aesthetic must also be wild. Meet the conditions of this good shoes in the end what?Now the weather is right, together to choose how about. The little cute in the art, born with retro style round shoes here, with this year's hot pile of heap socks is a different kind of style, how to wear all feel good-looking. Style is also the design of the classic, buckle metal texture first-class, coupled with floral lining, proper Sen female system! Shoes win in the black wild, the cortex can see where the heart, whether you are a small fresh, Han Fan, retro art, it all can Hold live, now into the right, late autumn season with a favorite jeans, street shooting Fan Immediately presented.

     Very limited by a small leather shoes, is its style design everywhere embodies the full of girls red sole shoes heart. That elegant color and the year is the blitz of the female style quite commensurate. Also like the Lolita style sister and do not forget this a shoe, wear it where are the focus. Wear this pair of shoes is the main figure that kind of comfortable only, slightly in the middle with the use of not wearing a sense of sticky, with clothes can also help improve the upper body effect. Lace design and round head is really cute bursting, late autumn with a windbreaker but can create a retro deep feeling. Baroque Oxford shoes classic style, both simple and honest spirit of the cold and a little break the conventional human feelings. Leather material used in the first layer of leather, texture and keep comfortable at the same time, this is the shoes should be maintained by the Festival exercise, fine car line extremely refined, into a pair seems to be good.

     The most real and happy girls first walking on the road when they should keep the inner calm, it is also the importance of the shoes accidentally. Such shoes are particularly comfortable and comfortable to wear, after all, only low-quality shoes will be as heavy as a rock, with a pair of good shoes you can finally rest assured that the world. Shoes is nothing more than a comfortable figure, of course, fashion is also very important. But since the retro blow this wave after the rise, many of the classic elements we have never understood are applied to the shoes above. This is the design of this shoe is the upper surface of the upper twist suture, how to see is the details of the example of winning! A law-abiding Baroque carved style small shoes, but also the type of men and women with the type, is not worry about the cheating dog couples can now read over. Highlight the highlight of the highlights should be above the top of the traces of the old, a variety of days in the new feelings in which such shoes with clothes is also easier. In the small white shoes swept the fashion industry, in fact, has long been a lot of shoes in a long time ago embarked on a unique minimalist style of the road, of course, all thanks to the designer of the trend of the correct grasp of this shoe style simple, Round the toe at all times in the age of tenderness! The color is also more soft, dress will not grab the clothes when the charm.

    2017-05-26 20:04:30
  • Daughter should be holding in the palm of the hand! Do not give her a pair of boots?

    Daughter is raised to hold in the palm of your hand good! Really can not wait to hold the whole world in front of her, what should be good to give her, this is the daughter! Oh?So how can you not even a pair of short boots do not give her, the children are beautiful Oh, and for what boots are very willing to try, for their daughter to buy a pair red bottom shoes for men red bottom shoes for men of boots, let her in a group of children the most prominent! Tassel of the Martin boots is very good! Shoes designed boots and decorations have a very perfect combination, especially like the princess shoes, and the shoes around the decoration did not feel particularly like the princess head of the head ring, really there is a princess halo covered Oh! With the tassel is simply beautiful! Shoes really super cute! And the design of the texture of the plush will make your daughter also put it down Oh! Hairy upper with a hit color, with a naughty style, somewhat cute and cute, giving a natural Meng Meng da feeling, people like to not!

    Tassel boots and their daughter is really equipped with Oh! Is it very envious of those who wear cute little girls?Your daughter can be so! For her to buy such a tassel boots, you will find a surprise Oh! And this shoe color style is very much, which kind of color on which to choose which! British wind and bright skin together with you like it?Originally the British style of the pursuit of elegance and low-key, and bright skin is inherently publicity-based, but they are actually very harmonious together, Liangpi make up for the British style of low-key, and the British style will join the style of bright skin Elegant, especially great! Boots are very foil people Oh! Children do not always wear those shoes is not fun, their own children so cute, of course, need a pair of boots to set off it! And children also like this kind of boots Oh, wearing nice, and jumping with the comfortable, the baby will love you more!

    Breaking the awareness of the previous single shoes, shoes design is simple, but the style is really nice, even if the adult boots design may not have such a good-looking, children's shoes is really a lot of it! To meet your wear, because it and what clothes pants can take, wild to not! Who said the princess should wear princess shoes?Fairy tale handsome princess who liked, not every princess should wear princess shoes, you buy her a pair of handsome Martin boots, but also allows her to recognize the princess can also be brave and handsome, is the charm, but also education The Good like this kind of shoes, looking at the simple but the details make you feel particularly hard, like this shoe christian louboutin heels even the pattern is not designed, but the combination of the hole into the flowers and the shape of flowers, looking particularly cute. This kind of boots, wearing is the air, his daughter every day the spirit! Boots look good, a sense of design too strong! The color is very visual impact, joined the feeling of fluorescence, but not particularly evident, so look conspicuous and strong gas field, set off the child particularly cute, especially easy to match, really is a minute to change a small beauty Oh! Lace boots really good temperament, and the most important thing is that this shoe has a pink Oh, her daughter so cute, do not put her dressed up tenderly are sorry for her so lovely face Oh! So that the charm of pink Martin boots too full, and her daughter must hi especially like!

    2017-05-25 20:10:28
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